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Our Areas Of Law & Legal Services


When you need expert legal advice, you can rely on J.A. Carroll Solicitors. We’ve been looking after our South Burnett community since 1931, delivering a broad range of legal services from our Kingaroy and Murgon offices.


The purchase of residential property in Queensland can be a complex matter, but our experienced Conveyancers are here to make the process simple and stress-free.

J.A. Carroll Solicitors follow the procedures of the Queensland Conveyancing Protocol and endorsed by the Queensland Law Society.

For more information on Conveyancing matters, please see our FAQs.

Family Law

Helping you through this stressful and difficult time, our experienced Family Law solicitors will help you protect what is most important to you and your family.

Our Kingaroy and Murgon Family Lawyers specialise in the areas of Property and Children. We’re here to guide you through your Family Law matters with compassionate client care.


The drafting of the Will is just part of your estate planning. 

As a legal document which binds your Executor/s with obligations to distribute your estate as per your wishes, careful thought must be given as to what you want your Will to achieve.

It’s recommended that you speak with our solicitors to ensure your assets are distributed as per your instructions.

For more information on Wills, please read our FAQs.

Power of Attorney

Having a Power of Attorney can be more important than a Will. Who would sign for documents or manage your affairs if you were unable to due to serious illness or injury?

A Power of Attorney is usually given to a close relative or trusted friend.  You may limit the powers of your attorney or limit the period your attorney can act on your behalf.

We invite you to get in touch with our legal team to discuss your needs for the drafting of your Power of Attorney.  Once we have received your details, we will clarify any outstanding issues with you and prepare a draft Power of Attorney for your consideration.

Once signed, we can store your original Power of Attorney in our safe custody room, free of charge.

Estate Administration

Estate Administration is the process of collecting your assets and distributing them after you have passed away. How these assets will be distributed will be determined by your Will and whether anyone has a right to contest it.

The Executor/s of your will (or the Administrator’s if you don’t have a Will) are responsible for collecting and distributing your Estate. Sometimes the Executor/s or Administrator/s requires the sanction of the Court to collect the assets and distribute them.  

If you have a valid Will, this is called Probate. If you don’t have a valid Will, this is called Letters of Administration.

Contact our South Burnett Will lawyers to discuss your family’s Estate Administration matters. 


J.A. Carroll Solicitors provides a full range of dispute resolution services, acting for clients in all Queensland Courts.

We focus on preventing disputes, however, if that is not possible, we aim to resolve them before any Court proceedings are commenced. We’re proud of our results in achieving a commercially economic result for our clients — without litigation.

We’ll advise you of the likely consequences of any legal proceedings and whether or not you will get any money or other satisfaction at the end of the day. Court action is a last resort, but nonetheless we strive to achieve realistic results for our clients.

Commercial Law

As a business-friendly legal firm, we provide a range of services to our South Burnett small business community.

Our commercial law team can assist with:

  • Leasing of Commercial Premises & Retail Shops
  • Business Sale Contracts
  • Drafting commercial agreements (joint ventures and partnerships), guarantees and security documents
  • Advice on legislative requirements, including corporate structure, governance and compliance
  • Corporate and commercial litigation in Court
  • Advice on the protection of commercial assets
  • Advice for non-profit organisations and charities
  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures & sales
  • Corporate governance

Get in touch with our commercial law solicitors to discuss the unique needs of your small business. 


We’re experienced in acting for Lessors (Landlords) and Lessees (Tenants) of all types of properties including residential tenancies, commercial buildings and agistment agreements.

For commercial properties, there are essentially 2 types of leases:

  • Retail Shop Lease
    These leases are highly regulated under the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld) and requires both the Landlord and the Tenant to provide various notices to each other as well as the Tenant obtaining legal and financial advice about the lease.
    There are also time frames for the provision of these notices and advice before the lease is signed.
    The Regulations list the types of businesses that make the lease a retail shop lease.
  • Commercial Lease
    These are leases which do not come under the Regulations as a retail shop lease and the provision of notices and the obtaining of advice before the lease is signed do not apply.
    It is still strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice about any commercial lease before you enter into that lease.
    J.A. Carroll Solicitors recommends that you contact our South Burnett legal firm to check any intention or offer to lease before you sign.

Personal Injury Claims

The law prohibits us from advertising services for Personal Injury Law. 

If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers in relation to any injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents or workplace accidents, please contact us to discuss the matter. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Criminal Law

Our legal team offers extensive experience in Criminal Law, having had matters before the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts. 

We’ll explain your legal position in plain English, with our Criminal Lawyers focused on helping you reach a positive outcome.

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