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Will Kits

Will Kits are available from various sources such as newsagents, post offices, etc.  Often the price of the Will Kit, as opposed to the cost of a Will being professionally drafted by a solicitor, is the sole determination to use a D.I.Y Will Kit.

The common mistakes found in D.I.Y Will Kits include;

  • Not understanding the law;
  • Poor wording, such that your intentions are not clear;
  • Appointing an Executor who is not suitable for the job;
  • Assuming that you can leave everything that you own in your Will;
  • Incorrect signing of the Will and thus invalidating the Will;
  • Incorrect witnessing of the Will and thus invalidating the Will;
  • Not dating the Will.

Mistakes with D.I.Y Wills can cost the estate dearly when having to rectify such mistakes and consequently this can lessen the amount that your beneficiaries may receive in your estate.

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is just as applicable to Wills.

Given the importance of the distributions of your assets after you pass away, D.I.Y Wills is often false economy.

We invite you to contact our office to discuss your needs for drafting of your Will.  You may telephone our office to arrange a convenient time for you to meet one of our staff and discuss your Will and estate matters.  Once we have received your details we will then clarify any outstanding issues with you and prepare a draft Will for your consideration.

Once signed, we can store your original Will in our safe custody room, free of charge.

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