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Tips for the Seller

  1. Speak to us before signing a Contract.  We are happy to review a Contract to ensure that you understand its terms and conditions and that it fulfills all your requirements.
  2. Provide a copy of your Contract to us as soon as possible.
  3. You should immediately contact your financier and request a release of your mortgage.  Even if the Contract is still conditional upon a number of matters, a number of financiers are requiring greater notice before they will be ready to release mortgages. You should also be very careful when paying out any of your loans to make sure that there are no early repayment penalties.  You should be particularly careful of this when paying out a fixed interest loan.
  4. If you have any tenants, make sure they are given the right notice and in sufficient time.  If you have a tenant in your poroperty and you are selling your property untenanted, you should carefully calculate any notice periods and confirm your ability to force the tenant out before you commit to a firm settlement date with any buyer.
  5. Arrange for disconnection of the phone, electricity and other services as at the date of settlement.
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