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Moving House

Moving In

  • Somethings you should consider when moving in are:
    1. Connecting the telephone / internet
    2. Find out what the Council rubbish days are
    3. Connect electricity
    4. Gas suppliers (if applicable)
    5. Consider whether you wish to have the house professionally cleaned and pest sprayed before moving in.
    6. Connect cable TV
    7. Arrange a removalist / storage

Moving Out

  • Some things you should consider when moving out are:
    1. Disconnect the telephone / internet
    2. Disconnect the electricity
    3. Disconnect the gas (if applicable)
    4. Remove all rubbish from property
    5. Consider having the property professionally cleaned
    6. Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new address
    7. Contact a removalist / Storage
    8. Disconnect the cable TV
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